Ellen performed a commercial for Toyota as was done on TV Talk Shows of yester-year. She did a great job and we give her major kudos! Watch for yourself!


Yes, but not the kind you’re thinking of!

The Pickle video sharing web site is a winner! We are very pleased to utilize their video sharing technology and format on our web site. Pickle is owned by The Scripps Networks. Scripps Networks owns and operates several avenues of media in print, on television and online. Their stations include HGTV, DIY, Food Networks and several others.

We have been testing several video embedding technologies such as VEOH, Google, MSN, AOL or Video Egg, Yahoo, Motionbox and now “Pickle.”

We have decided to use a mix of our own Windows Media Video Player installed directly on our site, VEOH’s channel variety and now we welcome the use of Pickle as a multi-video player so that our viewers can watch our videos as if it were an actual television channel.

The problem the Internet world is experiencing with multi video sharing contains several elements:
1. Clear quality viewing with quick page loading.
2. What kind of Internet connection, computer hardware and firewall protection the viewers are using.
3. How many viewers can be on a site and watch the video.

In our testing, we found that businesses operating on T1 systems and using high filters to prevent employees from watching videos while at work poses a large problem, especially if we are to make any training videos or video presentations work for the managers to watch. Most of the managers now use notebooks and laptops and while connected to the T1 with stealth filters, they cannot view our video player that is installed directly on our web site…but they can watch our videos on VEOH. Other companies complained they couldn’t see VEOH but instead could see our videos on Yahoo, MSN and Google formats…

Our other problem is that many of our viewers have not yet upgraded their computer technology hardware and are still on dial up…cable Internet connections are still under construction in many communities across the states and are more available in larger cities such as Southern California and parts of Northern California. Guess we will utilize our good ol’ fashioned “radio program” technique so they can listen to our inspiring and motivating messages.

Right now, we are pleased with the ease of using Pickle and are betting more of our viewers are able to watch the videos with the Pickle player and have their video pages load faster and can view the videos as long as they have the proper Internet connection and equipment.

With Pickle, we are able to upload several videos at one time and play several videos in a row on our site pages. Web masters and bloggers are able to embed our Pickle player with our video station selection right onto their sites.

The only three items we critique as very slight little bugs to be worked out with Pickle are that (1) videos seem to be slightly frame choppy and not as smooth as our own player and the pixels are not as clear as our own player, but still very good; (2) We cannot choose our own thumbnail photo as we can with VEOH; (3) On VEOH, viewers can download the videos to their ipods, where with Pickle cannot.

For now, to reach everyone we can, we will be using several formats and welcome feed back from our viewers as to which video players on our site work best for them by telling us which player, what type of Internet connection they use and what computer hardware and browser and firewall protection they have.

Visit our dot TV Shows page to view our videos in a row, just as if watching a TV channel. Don’t forget to place your order for yummy cookies and other desserts from David’s Cookies online at the bottom of the page! You’ll get 15% off and free shipping!

October 4th I had the pleasure of attending the Orange County Auto Show at the anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

The new car models were displayed on the regular floor and underground is where they kept all of the Hot Rods and Modifieds, put on by Al and Eds’s Audio.

During media hours between 8am and noon, there were not a lot of news people or journalists and “not a lot of excitement” as was commented on by one magazine owner who is an avid LA Auto Show fan. For those of you who have never attended the LA Auto Show, the automakers really put on quite a show for their kick-off and news conferences.

I truly enjoyed the Orange County Auto Show and found out that quite a few women felt the same way. Not only was it local and not really crowded, but many of the automakers employ women executives to communicate with the media. Many of these women were raised around cars or have been employed by automakers for several years.

For example, substituting initials for real names, I met D in the Maserati section. She has worked with Maserati for eight years and before that, Mitsubishi for 14. The car she described that has drawn the attention of potential women Maserati drivers is the new automatic with all of the amenities, plush and power that a four door supreme luxury sedan can offer. (View these cars under the Exotic Cars category in the menu at New Car Model Info at this link to WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV)

I also had the pleasure of meeting J at the Hummer section and she says that the H2 is the model that women were most interested in…she says that it looks big and boxy but gets the same gas mileage as the other SUV’s. She was surprised at how many women really love the H2 for the size, safety and pricing. J comes from a family of race car drivers as well and enjoys taking people around the test tracks in the new vehicles.

Over in Chevy, I met A and we had a very nice “old school” conversation about the hot rods and how it’s nice that the automakers are bringing back the classic looking design with new technology.

There were quite a few other helpful women with the rest of the automakers who were busy talking with other journalists, but we spotted them all!

The enthusiasm beamed from each professional woman as they shared their incredible knowledge and genuine love of the automobiles they presented.

Our editing department is finalizing the many video clips we captured at the show. You are able to watch three clips now…Exotics, New Mustangs and Hot Rod Mustangs. We rushed those clips through for our new friends at StangPlanet.com and Octane Girls

By the way, the producers of NBC chose two more of our videos that are displayed on their web site at NBC4 in Washington DC! Click on the links to view our videos there!

Hot Rod Mustangs and New Mustangs

We hope you enjoy the rest of our clips! We stay away from in front of the camera because we know you want to see the cars and not the people talking. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Our music is royalty free and videos without advertisements.

I read an article today about how Steve Wozniak, Kinsey-Hills Group and yes folks, Auto Nation, invested in what they think to claim is the first online video avenue to sell cars on (hotswap.com)…they put their mega bucks on three 19 year old college boy’s technology that VEOH.com already has been doing in making uploading time faster and video clearer.

Sorry boys, been there, done that…

WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV has already blazed that trail online, along with other automotive professionals…we’re already selling cars on video and car dealer groups have video presentations on our site and others. Nothing new, boys, but we do like your simplistic format.

WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV is working with several dealer groups for online video presentations as well as media auto classified companies. WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV flies at only a mini fraction of what the investors have dumped money into with their new enterprise…too bad they didn’t do their home work first.

We have a nich market already established that our prospective investors will reap higher results with.

We would like to give Auto Nation credit where it is due, though, in their Internet Division with all of their dealerships in the E-Commerce departments. They have the best training available for dealers on how to assist clients quickly and they are quick! Very professional.

We welcome the business from the Auto Nation dealer group any day.

WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV video technology has a superior quality in online video and we have our viewers email in their videos so this eliminates the uploading time, period. In addition, we are able in most cases, to enhance the user’s video, professionally, or have our own in house media department with The Spirited Maverick Media Company, LLC complete the entire video process from start to finish, depending on the geographical area at this point.

We are excited to see that hotswap.com (new kids on the block) is opening more doors for us in the auto sector.

Congratulation guys! Looking forward to assisting you in any way we possibly can with our auto retail and finance industry experience in selling cars and taking care of consumers with the utmost in professional service. Best wishes!

[02-Jul-2007] The Fourth of July has traditionally been a celebration involving fireworks, barbecues and traveling. However, as the number of travelers increases, so does the number of traffic accidents and the need for additional safety precautions. Child safety is of particular concern, as there are many families on the road. To ensure a child’s wellbeing in a car, auto experts from DaimlerChrysler say parents should ensure young passengers are seated in the appropriate car seat and that it is properly secured.

Watch this special segment of CARNUZ on WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV as you will see how to properly install car seats from infants and up to children over 40lbs into booster seats. Highly informative not only for summer vacation travels, but for always.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July celebration!
Your Team at WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV

BetaDesigns.com Custom Car License Frames

Personal License Plate Frames
Always a fantastic gift item and what a way to express yourself with your own set of personal plate frames!

My sister just had our family’s first grand-child and boy are our parents excited and pleased to be first grand parents! I tested the water first and made a comment to my Dad about now being able to put “I Love My Grandpa” plate frames on his car. His reaction was full of joy!

I wanted to get the good plate frames and I found BetaDesigns.com. You are able to pick chrome, gold or black metal frames…color backgrounds…your own sayings…see what it will look like online…you get fast and friendly service and low pricing!
Say what you want! Everthing custom for you!

We are currently reviewing Fun Road Trip videos being sent in to us by our viewers, over the email.

If you have a Fun Road Trip, Car Buying or Car Selling Experience, or other auto related videos, please visit our site at WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV and look under Your Videos in the site menu and see where to email in your videos to us to be posted on our site.

We found that Oxygen Media’s oh! channel has a new program called Bad Girls Road Trip and you can watch it here! Let us know what YOU think! Can you do these girls “one up” better with your road trip video?

Car Accidents Do Happen

June 26, 2007

Here’s something really important you should know to do, in case you are in a car accident, even a minor one, at fault or as victim.

Last Friday, my friend and I were waiting to leave the parking lot of a fast food restaurant and before we could exit, we had to wait for the vehicle in front of us to exit onto the road.

As an experienced driver with an excellent record, I’ve always kept my distance between me and the car ahead of me for two reasons: (1) in case they broke down, I could move around them and (2) in case I was rear ended, I would most likely not hit the car in front of me from the impact of the car hitting me from behind.

We did not expect the person in front of us to all of a sudden put her vehicle (truck) into reverse! My very first thought is that they were going to adjust their position in doing so well knew that we were behind them…even my headlight were on during the day time…I layed on the horn just in case they didn’t see us behind them…they didn’t stop.

As I braced myself with my left hand gripping the wheel and my right hand laying on the horn non stop, the truck in front of us crashed with force into our front, still not realizing they had hit something and pushed us further.

We all pulled to the side to check out the damages. Nothing to the truck, but our car suffered major damage to the front driver side. It had pushed in our head light, metal, buckled the hood (which cannot open now) damaged the grill and the fog light, and threw the body off kilter.

Point #1: We exchanged info. The driver of the truck, a young woman who as she got out of her truck was on a cell phone, said that she didn’t want to turn it into her insurance and would fix it on the side.

Point #2: Being hurt and two months fresh out of neck surgery, I looked at her and told her that she wouldn’t be able to afford fixing the beemer or cover my medical, so we got her insurance info (thank goodness she had insurance!)

Point #3: We called the insurance claims department right away. We didn’t call the police because in Southern California, unless you are bleeding on the pavement, aren’t too excited to venture out to take a report.

Point #4: I called my surgeon to get his advice and he suggested I relax with medication and see him first opening to make a health evaluation documentation.

Point #5: Now here’s where everything gets tricky. Do not assume because the other party claims liability for causing the accident that their insurance company is going to handle everything as they should. Even when their claims person says that they will take care of everything, you must watch out.

Their claims adjuster said no problem to the rental car but we had to pay for the miles which is not correct, no problem in getting the car fixed, no problem with paying for the medical and physical therapy bills after all was completed. She took my insurance info to make sure by law I had the minimum coverage.

Point #6: I received a call from MY insurance company that the other party’s insurance company was trying to get MY insurance to pay for everything, even though they were at fault and admitted it! How’s that? No, no, no, no, NO!

Point #7: We ended up having to call an attorney to handle this. I want my car fixed. I want a rental car with miles paid for, I want all of my medical paid for up front or as I go, I want compensation! After all, this is why we have insurance, right?

The insurance companies are a business. They don’t want to pay out a claim if they can get out of it easy. So, let the attorney handle the claim. They’ll get paid too, now, by the other party’s insurance.

Enjoy your summer, buckle up and don’t drink and drive!


A good friend of mine, who I first met as one of my previous car customers, contacted me the other day. She told me that she had been in a terrible accident and was okay, except for being shaken up and totally upset that her baby (her 2003 Acura MDX w/Navigation in Havasu Blue) was totaled.Someone had made a left turn and hit her as she was going forward in her lane of traffic. She rolled end over end and landed upside down! She said all the windows were broken out, glass all over…they used the jaws of life to remove her. She basically walked away with a few minor scratches! That’s how a vehicle is supposed to protect you and your family! “Go Acura!”

Then came the topic of what to do next…she loved her baby and wanted exactly the same back again, or a couple years newer, but not the new 2007 Acura MDX new body style.

We got online to find out what the exact vehicle, or close to her’s as possible, was actually selling for. This way she could give her insurance company a range of cost to replace it. Fortunately, Acura’s really hold their value because they are not mass produced, so she is able to recover a good portion to go towards her next one.

The next topic was, how does she go about finding what she wanted…we went online again and entered our search criteria, for a local dealer within 200 miles. Not one Acura dealer had the color she wanted in their used inventory. She wanted to really stay with the same dealer because they’ve always treated her right. In staying with a pre-owned Acura MDX and buying one from an Acura dealer, she could get a “certified” vehicle, meaning that it had been inspected, had all of the services brought current, and a better factory warranty with opportunity to save money on a factory extended warranty. Many times, the factory will offer even better financing for their previous clients on certified vehicles. No luck in finding one in the entire state of California.

Next day, she calls me and found one in Texas at a Lexus dealer…her sister lives in Texas and checked out the vehicle, said it was really nice and the price was right. My friend would have to arrange for this vehicle to be trucked into California, to avoid paying double tax and license. The vehicle would not be able to be certified, since it was a pre owned Acura MDX being purchased through a Lexus dealer.

If it were me, I would have chosen a second color choice and worked with my favorite local dealer. I would make sure the vehicle had the options and equipment I wanted, make sure it was certified, get the special financing and special on the extended factory warranty. Much safer decision for my check book, thinking that later on down the road “just in case” something broke down and I were to face this service department, there would be no questions asked and I could go on my way hassel free.

I love my friend! She wanted that same color that her previous baby had and admitted that she has to have everything almost exactly as it was, in order for everything to be okay for her…I can truly appreciate and empathize with her feelings.

The fact being that she was purchasing an excellent vehicle, the Acura MDX, chances are, she will not have a problem with it…it still has low enough miles and is under factory warranty (4yr/50,000 miles) and she could purchase an extended service contract for a bit more that will take her out to 100,000 miles…the only question left would be to make sure this particular find was not in an accident, flood or what not. The vehicle history report showed a clean record. The Lexus dealer in Texas let her take the MDX to an Acura dealer to be checked out. Sure, she would have to hassel flying out to make the purchase and fly back, hassel with the transporting of the vehicle and registration…but she is so happy!!! She made an excellent purchase decision, a wise purchase choice for herself, and negotiated a wonderful price! Yeah! You go girl!

Thanks to the Internet, my friend was able to expand her car purchasing out of state, on a national search, to get exactly what she wanted! I am so proud of her!

We had a great time discussing her purchase options, both pro’s and con’s, and by-golly she was able to make her decsion with confidence, even being shaken up from the accident and losing her 2003 Acura MDX (her baby!) and amongst other things that were happening in her life.

I was happy to be there for her to bounce things off of. I was happy to see her make her purchase with confidence…and out of state at that! The local dealer who takes care of her will still service her car and take care of her. She gets the best of all worlds! Kudos to her!!